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Cerebral Palsy Treatment - Medical Negligence Solicitors Compensation |

If you believe that your child's injury was caused by incompetence and you would like advice at no cost and information on medical negligence compensation claims then just complete the contact form or email our lawyers offices or use the helpline and a specialist personal injury solicitor will telephone you immediately to discuss your child's claim at no cost to you.

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Cerebral palsy treatment can and does take many different forms which have varying degrees of success however there is nothing that can be done to repair the irreversible brain damage that causes the condition. There are different therapies available to help better manage and control physical and mental disability however this so called cerebral palsy treatment not repair the underlying condition which is sadly permanent:-

  • Physical Therapy
    which relates to improving the development of the muscles in the legs, arms and abdomen to assist in improving movement and balance and to stimulate play skills which may include running and throwing, or learning to ride a bike or the use of other play equipment. Therapy normally starts as soon as a diagnosis is made to help prevent contractures and is used in certain other situations to improve motor development.

  • Occupational Therapy
    attempts to improve the control and motion of the small muscles of the body including the hands, feet, face, fingers and toes which will improve daily living and play skills. Occupational therapists also recommend special equipment to make everyday jobs easier.

  • Speech and Language Therapy
    develops better control of the muscles around the mouth and jaw, which can improve speech, language skills and eating abilities. Therapist also work on communication skills for those who are unable to speak.

  • Surgery
    may be used as part of cerebral palsy treatment in appropriate circumstances to alter muscle or nerve structure in order to reduce contractures.

  • Drug Therapy
    can form a central part of treatment and may include :-

    • antispasmodics to reduce spasms
    • tranquilisers to relax muscles
    • anticonvulsant medication to control seizures
    • specific medication to reduce abnormal movement

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