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Adult Cerebral Palsy - Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you would like legal advice at no cost on personal injury compensation claims just use the helpline, complete the contact form or email our offices and an Adult Crebral Palsy medical negligence solicitor will telephone you with no further obligation. Following a review of the circumstances of the injury and of the medical records you will be advised whether your child has a reasonable claim and if so, what steps you should take to protect your legal right to receive compensation. All of our Adult Crebral Palsy medical negligence solicitors use no win no fee arrangements to represent their clients which means that if your solicitor doesn't achieve settlement then he doesn't get paid his professional costs and the client does not receive a bill for legal costs.

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Adult Crebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a term used to characterize a number of movement disorders that affect overall coordination and balance. These issues are typically caused by damage to one or more areas of the brain, usually at birth. Even though adult cerebral palsy is non-progressive, there are many secondary conditions that can arise, such as excessive muscle tightness and internal complications, which can become worse with age. Other types of physical issues, as well as emotional problems, can also occur with age. It is because of these issues that focused research projects are being conducted on adults with cerebral palsy in an effort to improve care. Unfortunately, research studies concentrating on adult CP are limited, resulting in minimal information available on what adults with CP can expect as they age. If you think that this condition has arisen as a result of medical negligence, contact our adult cerebral palsy solicitors for advice at no cost.

Specialist Care

There is a trend to integrate adults affected by CP from long term care facilities into the community. The motivation behind this movement is to socialize adult cerebral palsy patients. The major drawback to this methodology is the lack of experienced specialized care. As patients with cerebral palsy age, they tend to have a greater need for specialized care. Just as is the case with any aging person, diet and exercise become significant components to a healthy life for individuals with CP. Because there are numerous degrees of CP with various medical factors involved, determining the proper amount and type of exercise for adults is a bit challenging. Strength training, coordination exercises, cardio-pulmonary exercises, joint mobility training and bone strengthening activities play a critical role. It is a good idea to consult with a medical professional before beginning any exercise program, as stamina levels, muscle tone, coordination and breathing capacities vary a great deal in patients. A medical professional can make personal recommendations for each individual as to type, length and frequency of exercise.

Physical Therapy

Since it is a well known fact that exercise can alleviate physical problems in individuals who are not disabled, it should come as no surprise that people with cerebral palsy can achieve similar results. Exercise not only helps physical symptoms, it also reduces depression and anxiety, which are quite common amongst adults with cerebral palsy. Due to over-stressed muscles in adults with CP, the aging process is more severe and starts much earlier than non-affected adults. For example, adults with CP often face issues such as arthritis as early as their 30’s, whereas their peers will not have this problem for another twenty years. Some studies suggest the early onset of arthritis could be due to high rates of therapy administered at an early age. While these physical therapy treatments are quite important and beneficial, the long term effects are unknown.


Treatment is often difficult as there are few medical professionals familiar with cerebral palsy in adults. The result of this problem is many medical issues are left untreated or are not treated properly. Older adults with cerebral palsy often feel as though their disability prevents them from receiving proper treatment, so they do not seek care at all. Dental issues are one of the most significant problems adults with CP face. Many dentists refuse to treat patients with CP because they have difficulty remaining still during visits. Spasticity makes all types of routine treatments and examinations quite difficult. This issue, combined with heightened sensitivity to pain, keeps many adults with CP out of the dentist chair, resulting in a high number of periodontal disease cases.


The process of aging naturally affects everyone in different ways, regardless of disabilities or medical conditions. In every circumstance, each individual should receive an evaluation to determine his or her exact condition, as well as his or her precise needs. The right treatment plan, appropriate medical care and proper assistance can drastically reduce emotional and physical issues faced by adults with cerebral palsy.

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