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Increasingly in today's society, people are changing their faces in order to look different from when they were born or to look younger than their stated age. Most facial cosmetic procedures are not surgery but represent things like Botox injections, which paralyze the muscles and relax the look of wrinkles. You can also have laser procedures or full spectrum light procedures to tighten the collagen of the skin and make wrinkles go away for a period of time. Other procedures are actually facial practice surgery and require a day surgery and incisions to work properly. If you would like advice at no cost just use the helpline or complete the contact form and a face cosmetic surgery solicitor will telephone you with no charge and no obligation.

One face plastic surgery is called a rhinoplasty. This is the changing of the shape or the size of the nose. It is performed using an incision beneath the upper lip. Doctors go up and correct a deviated septum, shave off bumps form the nasal bridge and make the nose wider or more narrow, depending on what is desired. The nose is then splinted and recovery takes place over a period of two weeks or so with bruising and swelling the primary postoperative side effect.

If there is a great deal of wrinkling of the forehead, a brow lift can take care of that. In a brow lift, the incision is made in the hairline above the eyes. The incision is then hidden within the hairline when it resolves and you cannot see it. Skin and fat are removed so that the skin lies flat when replaced in the forehead area and there are no wrinkles. The sutures are then placed and healing happens over a couple of weeks. The side effects of such a surgery are swelling and hematomas of the forehead. Hematomas need to be drained or treated with local heat to dissolve the hematoma. There can be infection, which is treated with antibiotics and local heat. There can also be failure of surgery, where the area is still wrinkled or looks malformed.

Often the brow surgery is combined with a blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery corrects bags under the eyes and wrinkles or sagging of the skin on the upper or lower lids. In the upper eyelid, an incision is made in a natural crease and fatty deposits and excess skin are removed. Muscles are tightened so you look more youthful. Then the skin is redraped over the eyelid (upper and lower lids) and tiny sutures are placed, which are removed within a week. In the lower lid, the incision is done at the level of the lower eyelashes so as to minimize the look of the incision.

Sometimes you need far more than just a blepharoplasty or brow lift. You need to have a total face lift performed, called a rhytidectomy. In a fact lift procedure, an incision is made from the temporal hair line down in front of the ear and sometimes extending up behind the ear lobe. The skin is separated from the underlying fat and muscle. Muscle is tightened and fat is removed or added, depending on the look of the face and the desired look on the face. The skin is redraped and trimmed off so as to tighten the skin and make sure the look is smooth and desirable. The incision is then sutured closed and the sutures are removed in about a week to ten days. There is always going to be swelling and bruising of the facial features after such a surgery. A hematoma is not normal and needs to be drained or treated with local heat to break up the hematoma. Infection is also not normal and needs antibiotics and draining of any abscesses.

A mentoplasty can change the shape and the size of the chin. The incision is done under the chin and a chin implant or shaving of the chin bone and cartilage is done to reshape the chin and to create a cleft if desired. The side effects are the same as a rhytidectomy and it can get rid of wrinkles of the lower face.

HELPLINE: ☎ 1800 633 634

Medical Negligence Solicitors

Our medical negligence solicitors will maximise your personal injury compensation claim using a no win no fee arrangement which means that if you don�t win then you don�t pay them their professional costs. If you believe that your facial cosmetic surgery was carried out negligently then just complete the contact form or email our solicitors offices or use the helpline and a face cosmetic surgery solicitor will telephone you at no cost and with no obligation.

HELPLINE: ☎ 1800 633 634

The author of the substantive medical writing on this website is Dr. Christine Traxler MD whose biography can be read here