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Cosmetic Breast Surgery - Medical Negligence Lawyers

According to the World Health Organisation the highest incidence of medical negligence in the developed world occurs in Australia. If you have been injured by a healthcare professional including a doctor, dentist, nurse or technician and would like to speak to a medical negligence law firm without further obligation, just use the helpline. If you have a viable compensation claim a cosmetic breast surgery medical negligence lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury claims will speak to you. Our personal injury lawyers offer free advice and information on how best to preserve your legal right to receive compensation as a result of injuries caused by medical negligence. Merely speaking to one our our lawyers does not commit you to dealing with our lawyers nor will you receive any bill for the initial advice that you receive from us. Our cosmetic breast surgery medical negligence lawyers telephone advice is given without charge and without further obligation.

Our Cosmetic Breast Surgery medical negligence lawyers have offices situated in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and Sydney.
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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery which is commonly called a boob job is increasingly common. It can be done in a standalone surgical clinic or in the surgical center in a hospital. In most cases, women have this surgery under general anesthesia so they experience no pain. A local anesthetic and relaxant can be given while you are technically awake. The breast is numb during the procedure.

Breast implants are the most common types of surgery. In this type of surgery, the surgeon makes an incision underneath the breast, where the breast folds naturally. A pocket is created where the artificial implant is inserted. Then the incision is closed. In some cases, the incision is made along the side of the breasts. The surgery is done through endoscopy. There will be a small scar in the armpit area. You can always have an incision around the areola in which the surgeon will place the implant. There will be a scar around the areola.

There is a newer procedure in which the incision is made in the umbilicus. A saline implant is pushed up into the breast area and then is filled with saline. The incision is small and not very visible.

Implants for the breast can be placed behind the breast tissue or beneath the underlying muscle. What surgery you have will affect:

  • What the breast looks like.
  • Whether or not the implant breaks or leaks later.
  • How much pain you’re in after the surgery.
  • How to interpret mammograms you’ll have in the future.


Before you have surgery, you need to talk to the surgeon about the pros and cons of surgery. Another possible surgery is the mastopexy, which is also called a breast lift. It is a treatment for sagging breasts. You can also have a reduction in the size of the areola.

There have been risks and complications of cosmetic breast surgery. These complications include:

  • Infection at the incision site or at the location of an implant.
  • Bleeding which cannot be controlled.
  • Reaction to anesthetic medications.
  • Breathing problems from anesthesia.
  • Pneumonia post-operatively.
  • Heart problems from anesthesia.
  • Problems breastfeeding.
  • Lack of feeling around the nipple.
  • Scars that are unacceptable.
  • Nipples in uneven position.
  • Having the breasts be of an uneven size.
  • Forming a capsule that is hard around the implants.
  • Leakage of the implant.
  • Obvious rippling of the breast implant.

There are emotional complications of surgery on the breasts. You may feel as though your breasts don’t look good enough. You might be unhappy with others’ reactions to your breast surgery. You can be depressed after breast surgery for a long time.

Post Operative

Following the procedure you might have to remain overnight at the hospital. Other women can go home the same day after the anesthesia wears off and after they have voided, good pain control, can walk and can drink water safely.

You will receive a bulky gauze dressing that will encapsulate your breasts and at the site of the incision. In some cases, you’ll wear a surgical bra that supports the breast. In the incision, there may be drainage tubes placed allowing serous fluid to drain from the surgical area. In most cases, the tubes can be removed after three days or when the fluid stops draining. Breast massage is often recommended following surgery in order to prevent the hard capsule from forming around the implant. The recommendation of this technique varies from surgeon to surgeon.


If there are no complications, the prognosis is usually very good. Most women feel a bit better about themselves because they genuinely look better. You might have to wear a supportive bra for several months so that the breast doesn’t become misshapen. You need to know that the scars are visible and usually work worse initially and fade over the months and years. Most incisions are placed in areas where they might be the least noticeable. Talk to the surgeon about what kind of surgical scar you should have.

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