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Cancer Misdiagnosis - Medical Negligence Lawyers

Our Cancer Misdiagnosis medical negligence lawyers have solicitors offices situated in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin.

The key to successful recovery from this condition is early identification of the problem. Bearing in mind the life threatening nature of most types of this disease there is no excuse for cancer misdiagnosis or delay resulting in late diagnosis. Failure to identify the nature of the problem can result from any number of reasons, most of which are considered by Cancer Misdiagnosis medical negligence lawyers to be actionable in a court of law. The most common incidences and causes of negligent cancer misdiagnosis or negligent late diagnosis are outlined below :-

  • failing to perform a physical examination
  • failure to diagnose an obvious problem during examination
  • refusal of mammogram, pap smear, x-rays, ultrasound, CT or MRI scan
  • cancer misdiagnosis due to improper evaluation of tests
  • erroneous identification of a tumour
  • misdiagnosing a cancerous tumour as benign
  • failure to follow up test results
  • not ordering further tests
  • misinterpreting scans or tests & laboratory findings
  • ignoring blood test results
  • failure to follow up with the patient
  • ignoring history of pain or discharge
  • failure to identify obvious symptoms
  • failure to test indicative symptoms
  • failure to arrange a biopsy following abnormal examination
  • failure to respond urgently to indicative results
  • failing to recommend adequate treatment options
  • ignoring family history of cancer
  • lost records

Late Diagnosis

According to statistics produced by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Australia has the highest rate of medical negligence in the developed world. Tens of thousands of people are confirmed as suffering from this condition every year however there is an equally startling number of patients who suffer from cancer misdiagnosis or late diagnosis resulting in worsening illness, more severe treatment and a lower chance of recovery. Cancer misdiagnosis is extremely common and in cases where the patient’s condition has worsened due to late diagnosis or misdiagnosis by a healthcare provider, it may be possible for a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer to make a claim for compensation.

False Positive

A false positive diagnosis of cancer may be equally damaging and is also a cancer misdiagnosis. Patients who erroneously believe that they may have cancer often go through extremely unpleasant treatment regimes including radiotherapy and chemotherapy which may of themselves be life threatening. Furthermore patients may suffer financial losses by putting their affairs in order thereby making decisions that they would not otherwise have made but for a misdiagnosis of cancer. A false positive may result in a lawyers medical negligence compensation claim for both personal injury including psychological damage and any other losses.

Medical Negligence Lawyers

If your condition has worsened due to misdiagnosis or late diagnosis, or your treatment options have narrowed or you have undergone unnecessary treatment or your potential lifespan has been reduced due medical negligence by a healthcare provider we may be able to make a compensation claim on your behalf. Our cancer misdiagnosis medical negligence lawyers are personal injury experts and deal with compensation claims using the no win no fee scheme. Just complete the contact form or email our offices. We will consider your claim there and then and will advise on liability and the likely value of the potential claim.

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